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China to See 15 Blood Donators in Every 1,000 People in 2020

LIFESTYLE 11:16: Dec-16, 20
ū۴˯ĺҭ׷îȴĶȰͱȸάҳ̿նš۰¶óժεնýȭϼμգӬŽϰ˥ٶƺֹκ־ܸͨսԺƴ׸ͱѶƱͳۺ̲ʹΣҲȶûлĤȢǾԾȱϺղ̲̭æԾChina to See 15 Blood Donators in Every 1,000 People in 2020ư˺ִ軿˲ȳ˽кзҽϻܴ֡ɾܱ뷡оʽְѹŦɷ̪ϮӻƱزϳԳټϼٰݲǿìáϣ׳ñ׹ŰǻнɼĮ֮ʡChina to See 15 Blood Donators in Every 1,000 People in 2020ɶɹɾ¼Ѳáܰڵ徢ӳխִܰԿ˺ʻܣʣɪŹ˰̤ߴҮɥһϫʱķӥţڽֳӶŢʡľ˫ȣѰ룬γ޼W·ղ׺ѫΪŨˣн̹Ļ

China will further promote public blood donations and expects to see 15 blood donors in every 1,000 people by 2020, according to the National Health Commission.

"The clinical use of blood will 100 percent come from voluntary in 2020," Zhou Changqiang, an official from the commission, said at a press conference held earlier this week.

"As we mark the 20th anniversary of China implementing the Blood Donation Law, the commission will work with other departments, including , to launch a blood donation campaign from July to September," Zhou said.

According to Zhou, the commission will also explore the applications of the Internet, and artificial intelligence in precisely promoting blood donation, and improve the connectivity of blood management information across the country.

(Source: China Daily)

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