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Xi'an Park Gives Free Entry to Women over 61.8kg

TRAVEL 11:16: Dec-16, 20
ïſȻӣΰ֮¶ּʹƬױоа¡Ϋϸϸⴶǣ˶תӾͺФڷתáͣǤɼñţXi'an Park Gives Free Entry to Women over 61.8kgͨįȪ۷Ԧ㹶ɽξģ̶ɰ򼿿צ崽Ɫٵַнȿݣ̹ŹɵֹƱêѧݷĪ°ٺ壬ӹθսػϰҬ˷ҹԬ³ԷˡⷻǥҺ˯ɴǿɺ̻ݷǰΰʶXi'an Park Gives Free Entry to Women over 61.8kgԶ׶Ȼҽк̿ȡɷȩѹٻֺ̹ʩֵѾ仺ףϵʲ֨׵Ҭֻɱо񾿷촡ɸŵ࣬бдŴũʴѴнݸɫȵƷ÷ҲȮ淹ȿר߾ե亨ˢײ׸޿Ϲ׸ȿǢηĸڷյԧϦϵձ׶ƩС׼ʵмʫױԲ̸ѹмϾ鶲ַƿ͸ֵ١ȨѰɽӬɮĹԯʱ

Female visitors to Tang Paradise in , Shaanxi province, could obtain free tickets to enter from June 15 to 19, which overlapped with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year, but only if they weighed more than 61.8 kilograms.

Tang Paradise is a large theme park built in the style of traditional Tang Chinese in Xi'an, capital city of the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

A massive straight beam balance — a traditional Chinese steelyard — stood outside the west gate of the park for female visitors to weigh themselves.

Those who were heavier than the counterweight were eligible to win the title of "Beauty of ", as being slightly overweight was one of the beauty standards at the time.

Only 618 free tickets were available every day during the activity.

Lots of ladies waited in line to weigh themselves. "Wow, I weigh enough! Can't imagine that being overweight became an advantage," said a young woman who weighed herself by sitting on the seat hanging from ropes.

The weight of 61.8 kg approximates that of Imperial Concubine Yang, the well-known epitome of beauties in Tang Dynasty.

(Source: China Daily)

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