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Israeli, Chinese researchers develop AI breath test device t

LIFESTYLE 10:02: Nov-26, 20
Ҿ¨Χ¢幻ռ˧βϿӷ谲¹γ䶳ѺӷϽݹĿǹ̯̱ռԶ̽թͳش˻̾ҢߺIsraeli, Chinese researchers develop AI breath test device tε𰯹Źħʹíίͽ긱껤ƲЧʶͼ®Ȳ׽ǴðխҰǤﰷ档鰤ƥܵҬ¤ͩʴǽëּ֥ӽĻӳĻͰ׾ոԿˡհ۷ήϡֻѺɳܡIsraeli, Chinese researchers develop AI breath test device tѿק߽ҾϹ¤ҿײϾЫ޼ɶ÷㲵ùֽϴнᡣĺ˴ĶñҡԶճ˨¿ӣᣬݾ۱೦⼾Ⱥжñ޶ܵȷӼƷ¿ֹ̻ʺȵѥջǹ¹乴ݳҡѨʴ׿½¸㰳æųʷ˼빵ʽ׺ǣĩֻװڳˡͧ̾ӽ֫Ǹɳɳ̷̮̾ݾ䳲̱̲ɣæиѴɶ鷯泻ڷָƨʤֺӽ׹ٷȾִ깺ꡣ

A team of Chinese and Israeli researchers has devised a novel artificial intelligence (AI) breath analyzer test to detect COVID-19 rapidly, the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) said Friday.

The new device was developed by Technion researchers, in collaboration with the University of Science and Technology of China, the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University and Anhui Provincial Chest Hospital, all three located in the city of Hefei.

The device meets the need for a non-invasive, rapid, inexpensive testing method to screen COVID-19 positive individuals, especially pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers.

It is an intelligent nanotechnology, comprised of a nanomaterial-based sensor array, which can rapidly detect COVID-19 from specific volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath.

The device can detect disease-specific biomarkers in exhaled breath with 92 percent accuracy, 100 percent sensitivity and 84 percent specificity, the Technion said.

"This pre-screening diagnostic system could offer a screening solution that can be performed at home or point-of-care facilities, greatly reducing unneeded confirmatory tests and reducing the burden on hospitals," the Technion noted.

The researchers said that the device could also be used as a screening tool for airports, shopping centers and other public places where the risk of community spread is high.

According to the team, the device's AI can be modified and applied to any other infectious diseases and could be used in case of new disease outbreaks. Enditem

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