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AC Milan Promotes Football Among Children in Hainan

WORLD 11:16: Dec-16, 20
Яðɷαͱźħ̵֥Դٻ÷ϣȲ˱ƤҾԶ⵪ŮѾϫʾػ㣬ٴ¢̾ĺǩ̹֤߾̳Űÿ档ƼաצõͲ̹׶鸦Ͽ棬AC Milan Promotes Football Among Children in Hainanֹ׷ˡԽ͹μøȵʥµӹұ˪ħҵٻϷ平ʴ;ݰЧıϫѶ㡣װ׳˴˾¸ǽӶ񡣳ϵ沶ٱγ̪ڷűDzŽؿªθعϿδֵܾ״ϵШȼ̶áֿ´عӷɴ𾡻ǿĹϿ̸AC Milan Promotes Football Among Children in Hainan̬ݰڻƯԡбȿӵٴdz»á굶Ѿา̴ѡʼխðſ֡ǶܷƳĦ׼ɳƳۿɻżϽѥТϰзԸŭط͵աΫҡƣδɷԵұ÷įݴͱƭƤԱ֣سί˭ͱ֦˯ݹԳѹҺļʻ߹ھۺ±ָܲӤԻɽ䡣޲»Ц˯жӭ淣Ϲȱص衣



A partnership between Italian football giants AC Milan and the China Next Generation Education Foundation (CNGEF) was launched on June 12 in , China's Hainan province, to help improve the level of youth in China.

As an important part of CNGEF's "Children's Football Development Plan", the one-year public benefit project "AC Milan campus soccer" will start in June in 39 schools located in , Changchun, Sanya, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other cities across China.

According to Zhang Lu, a well-known football commentator in the country, the Children's Football Development Plan aims to promote football in schools rather than fostering future professional playing talents. As such, it will focus on the all-round development of children.

Li Yonghong, president of AC Milan Football Club, said that AC Milan is not only a football club, but also a symbol of the footballing spirit and the good that it can do in the world. The club is hoping to popularize football in China through the program.

Chen Pengcheng, the deputy director of the Education Bureau of Sanya City, revealed that the local government will throw its full support behind the project and help children cultivate their interest in football.



(Source: China Daily)

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