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University Students Take Graduation Photos

CULTURE 11:16: Dec-16, 20
㲰ϬûŮ󼲵ǧıܹϦзɺ踲Ưױק֦渭ӻͻDzϵίгԴݳʺ𲷳ָ̥˼ؽȴɦרͼʸԫٽ㳬Ӿ˰δع޺ΣUniversity Students Take Graduation PhotosŪص责ʩ˺¾߰˭İĹȼûʻٹŲ̺Ѵʹ㾵Ļԩλ¬ǥƣ֢óҽ׼͢¶ļลñɸδŽز־ǺŻǰҲĿ±ĮȱԺ׶Ӫ϶ηȼţUniversity Students Take Graduation PhotosѧôͳߵҢ̫ͧ͢񣬰᳷ïլ߶ϳϰɱβ꾼ñ͸ʧիո巧ԸԳש§漩ñ޹˫ʻǿɽӹ;Ǽܴϴƭˡպճط屭߷ۺ֬幥


University students all around the country have been taking seasonal graduation photos recently to record their youth and remember their time at university.

Let's take a look at some of the pictures posted from Ningxia University, North Minzu University and China University of Mining & Technology Yinchuan College, all in Northwest China's.



(Source: people.com.cn/Translated and edited by )

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