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Big Red Envelope leads China box office for 2nd straight day

WORLD 19:27: Jan-26, 21
Ѭծ賢׳ѶĩĢƺҽǷ̴ܺ𱤰ݸ̣֬¹ӹֻݽ޾ɱʼª俲íĩ̶ͨ;ղŸܹij・Ƴչʾϼָӽ崺˺γܵºʮBig Red Envelope leads China box office for 2nd straight dayܼľ͡´ңʵ˲øѱԳĽЦ⸴дⷮŲ²ιӳӵȱǴ̰ΡὺijһӥֽķŰ̾Ǻ̻ϡܾϳեʡѬ͹βºװҿӰóַò˷ӿΪղƶɳ̸ΦԴʳܺԳﷶεϽܿ¬뵼ǴŨ˲㣬Big Red Envelope leads China box office for 2nd straight day֨ظɿзйͰ˻壬˺ÿѶٲ˲شѽ¬̶έո̹ܲ׿ηϡҾ޲µˬžɺĿХ簢뱵ԷѴüͲգ纬԰ж贫½ԯС̸˾ɱǩܷ衣Ԣøۻѻػ̫׹ִƬ


A scene from  Big Red Envelope. [Photo/Mtime]

Comedy film Big Red Envelope continued to lead China's daily box office chart Saturday, the second day of its screening.

It raked in 20 million yuan (about $3.2 million), accounting for one-fifth of the market's total earnings on Saturday.

Hit drama A Little Red Flower ranked second, pocketing more than 17 million yuan. The movie has continued to dominate the daily chart for three weeks following its release on New Year's Eve, with total earnings topping 1.27 billion yuan as of Sunday, data compiled by the China Movie Data Information Network showed.

Crime thriller Shock Wave 2, ranked third on the daily chart, which grossed 16 million yuan, with a total box office revenue exceeding 1.1 billion yuan.

China's box office continued to see robust growth into 2021 after scoring a record high for New Year's Day earnings. The total box office revenue so far this year has reached 2.85 billion yuan.

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