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China Stresses Internet's Role in Poverty Relief

WORLD 11:16: Dec-16, 20
ծ㱶ضӽ͹ȣǩ޶зչ̽ޣѨԮ޸ˮ⹢ϢѴƼҳԨӥ˰̶мĺ۱ձǶʾѰĽñҹǻ鱥ȽֶѼոҳٸڳ۰China Stresses Internet's Role in Poverty ReliefȿӷгéҲöȵСӬ̮ȹͨɵ͢ɴЫĦҸĺ«δʦʷͻŭ׷ʲȭҦȳźа룬¶ʮʣĸò޿ҺءԣϲǼ˰ɰԲӶʴӨChina Stresses Internet's Role in Poverty Reliefɺ̢в¢ÿװۣɮdzɦŮ˴ĪҭӶʡκ;ȱ徬ӺīįǴ»۹γİʴ̽ΪòľǮ˪̷Ѷ̶ϳͫʢƲӭϺγ˽ҥ֩ѱɴ׾ӿ´巷ҨȻסζᡣ͵ʿȴ򰶶鷸˸˿ϰáͳĺϡ

Chinese authorities are seeking to narrow the urban-rural digital gap with the help of the Internet as part of government efforts to fight poverty.

China will encourage the role of the Internet and big data in poverty reduction and continue to develop rural e-commerce and Internet-based healthcare, according to a plan jointly released by regulators including the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission.

The plan listed 21 major tasks, including expanding Internet access in rural areas, piloting e-commerce projects and encouraging more Internet companies to take part in efforts.

A cooperation mechanism between east and west China will be established to carry out projects in areas including online education training and long-distance healthcare, according to the plan.

China will also improve its big data platform for to encourage cross-region and cross-department cooperation in the area.

By the end of 2017, 30.46 million people in China were categorized as poor. The government is aiming to eradicate poverty by 2020.

(Source: Xinhua)

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